Hypnotherapy for physical pain

Hypnotherapy can offer great relief for physical pain; the situation is often much better after just one session. 

What is the purpose of your pain?

Pain is a vital signal from your brain to let you know that something is wrong with your body. Before you consider reducing pain with hypnosis, you must go to see a doctor to find out what the purpose of the pain is. Without pain, you might move your body in a way that does further damage and thus prolong the situation longer than is necessary.

It is important to know this because hypnosis can reduce your pain to zero pain. People are amazed when this happens and it is important that they rememeber that they might not be ready go out dancing the Zorba the Greek!

So if the doctor gives you the ok, hypnotherapy can release your pain for a new life of freedom!


Free 15-minute exploration session: €0 - Ask any questions you like.
One-only session or first session: €100 - One session can be totally life changing, you will know afterwards whether you need or would like any more.
Ongoing sessions €65 - When the original issue has been addressed, there may be other things the person would like to work on.
Four-session special introductory offer for NEW clients:  €270. €25 saving - most popular. These four sessions will mark a before and after turning point in your life. You can overcome your deepest fears and worries or overcome life-long and deeply ingrained habits, leaving all of that in the past where it belongs and moving forward in your life with peace, health, joy and freedom.
Four-session special offer for EXISTING clients: €235. €25 saving. If you've had some sessions with me before, we will have a great working relationship and you will know all about the power of hypnosis and what you achieve with it. Some people come back for a 'top up', some want some stress relief, help with sleeping, empowerment, or perhaps business, career or personal transformation coaching, and then again some just come because they love the experience of hypnosis so much!

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