Hypnotherapy for emotional pain

We are in such a world of turmoil and upheaval. There is much grief, anxiety, depression, anger and pain and my heart goes out to anyone who is living their life in this way. Modern clinical hypnotherapy offers a safe and natural way to release your emotional pain and fill you with love, joy and empowerment.

Hypnotherapy is hugely successful in these areas.


Grief affects every one of us at some point in our lives. For some, there is a natural process they follow to manage grief in their own way, yet others grieve for many years and cannot move on in their lives or it affects them so drastically that their health or relationships suffer. 

Hypnotherapy for grief can be offered one year after the loved one has passed. The person needs this time to grieve in their own way without interference so that they can find their own path to inner peace in this time. 

If the person is still hurting after this time, a hypnotherapist can be a helpful ally to find a path to peace and normality and move on in life, never forgetting the loved one, but taking that love forward and learning new resources to feel peace in every day situations and on anniversaries and special occasions.

Hypnotherapy can take away the trauma of those last memories, thoughts and images of pain and suffering. Leaving you with all the beautiful memories of the good times, as it should be and was meant to be. You may be grieving for a person, a number of people or even a pet, a lost job or huge change of life. Please don't suffer needlessly, hypnotherapy can offer great relief and lead to freedom and hapiness in your relationships and many areas in your life.


Hypnotherapy is hugely successful for dealing with even the most terrifying memories and flashbacks. In hypnotherapy, you don't have to relive the experience, you have had enough pain for one lifetime! Hypnotherapy is a painless way to deal with it that will bring you great relief, often in just one session.

Fears and phobias

Hypnotherapy is highly effective for releasing fears and phobias such as fear of spiders, insects, water, heights, flying, public speaking, fear of men or women, the dentist, blood, needles and many others. One session is often all that is needed, even for a life time fear or a terrifying phobia.

You are not broken or out of control, you are unique! Your subconscious mind has had a very good reason for you to keep your fear or phobia, it has been protecting you. Let's explore why and find another way for you to protect yourself that allows you to be free.

Depression, anxiety, despair, guilt, unworthiness, jealousy, hatred, anger, revenge...

There is a much better way to live your life. Release all of this safely and effectively in a compassionate setting that will leave you feeling empowered and revitalised.

It is a complex area and your unique situation requires one-to-one exploration to discover the best way forward for you. 

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