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"You have really helped me with my fear of heights, recently walked across a rope bridge and jumped on it 🤪"

"Two sessions of hypnotherapy have achieved more for me than 12 years of therapy."

Thank you so much... I’ve just completed my journal for this morning & I can’t believe how much my mindset has changed in only three weeks... I’ve tried different counselling services before but I realise now all that did was focus on the horrors of the past & feed those memories... those ones are still there but I can see you have given me tools to strengthen who I am & my hope is that there is a way to take away the impact of those horrors so that my thoughts & beliefs about myself & the consequent habits & behaviours will be changed forever & I will be free... I don’t expect that next week but I have faith it will come...

I’ve been in acute pain after injuring my ankle a couple of weeks ago, and even with prescription painkillers found sleeping and walking with crutches very difficult.

A friend recommended that tried hypnotherapy with Kathleen.  To be honest, I was a bit sceptical about the whole idea, but after speaking with her on the telephone decided to give it a go.

It’s now been 24 hours during which I’ve had no sensation of pain whatsoever.  I obviously realise the underlying injury still exists, but am relieved not to be in agony while that heals!

"PS Just to let you know that I haven't felt anxious to eat chocolate at all since my visit to you. Xx"

"I slept like a queen. Thank you."

That was absolutely exquisite I thought for sure it had only been 10 minutes. 

You couldn’t have taken me to a better place although I couldn’t decide which beautiful beach to go to. I did first go to the side of the peñón, it’s a fish breeding ground and the snorkeling there is wonderful. 

My hands had gone completely numb when I opened my eyes. 

I felt amazingly relaxed... I used to be so hyper and couldn’t switch off, always on vigil. 

You have a wonderful skill and technique. 

Thank you, thank you!

Kathleen! Your sessions are like a sojourn into a landscape of marvels and peace! I love your approach, and think you are an artist, rather than merely a practitioner.

Thank you for entering my life precisely when you did. I was waiting for you and didn’t even know it!

Hi Kathleen,

Just a quick note to let you know how much Wednesday’s session helped.

After being able to stand up and walk to the car much easier than when we arrived, we went down to the beach to take some photos. Without thinking I walked down about 10 steps carrying a tripod and out onto the loose stand. Looking back that was obviously a stupid thing to do, and if I hadn’t been holding tripod would have definitely fallen over.

That said back “sensation” beats back pain!

We didn’t get round to arranging anything with you for the weight loss, but would like too!

Kind Regards

"Hi Kath

Just thought I'd let you know. Slept without noise. Slept without a top on. Slept without drugs just homeo. 6 hours REM then 3 hours with meditation tape.
Best of this year so far!

I will keep you informed. If a need a boost, I will contact you. 

But I think the relax strategy will do the trick long term.

Relax !!"

"It was a great relief to be able to spit that heaviness out of me. There is even more to be released and I’m on the right path. Thank you so much for enable me with such great skills at hand, ready to be used when needed."

"I have never had such a relaxing and also liberating experience as in the hypnotherapy sessions with Kathleen. She's also dedicated and very professional. With her broad experience as well as a  background with NLP (NeuroLinguistic Programming), she's also a really good Life and Business Coach. I'm now getting her help structuring my business ideas, at the same time as the Hypnotherapy is working to remove my mental blocks and insecurities. Kathleen is  without a doubt one in a million, and absolutely brilliant!"

"Kathleen is a wonderful person who puts her whole being and soul into all that she does. She strives to help others with her work which is full of this heartfelt energy. Her passion and expertise in hypnotherapy provide amazing results. I recommend you see her for any help in facilitating a happier, healthier more fulfilling life."

"The session I had with you was amazing as beforehand I was super stressed, that evening I slept so well.....thanks you are a special lady.....🥰🥰🥰 xxx"

Yes, there have been lots of changes since my first encounter with Kathleen, and not precisely those expected in the fields in which I was focussing during the sessions, but on a more fundamental level.

What I believe has happened with the hypnotherapy sessions with Kathleen is that by reconnecting to my own true source of Love, in a very subtle way, my issues are finding their release effortlessly and are taking their natural expression. 

Thank you Kathleen.

With Love, always, 

"My experiences with Kathleen as a hypnotherapist have been out of this world. When she tried to help me with her system, with her BEING, she not only helped me to deal with my worries. A big door was opened for me which led to much deeper issues. I feel that her aim when she tries to help people goes much further than the materialistic issues and reasons, she HELPS SOULS!

The proof: I am writing this!

Stay humble as you are. That will make your light shine, as it is now.

All my love and thanking you from my heart."

"Kathleen has a unique voice and talent to calm your mind and make you connect with your true her session,helped me to let go a very deep subconscious fear..She has a lot to share and show you about yourself. I highly recommend her, thanks for the experience" 🙏

"Just wanted to say thank you for the hypnosis yesterday.  When I left you, I had an email saying that my job as a rep this summer isn't happening due to a huge fall in lettings because of Brexit.  I think the hypnosis helped me deal with that and it really helped me when I went to bed and woke during the night with too much on my mind.  Adopting it as a daily practice, so thank you so much. X"

«He tenido una sesión de hipnoterapia y fue maravillosa. Me sentí completamente renovada y con mucha energía y confianza para seguir adelante con mis estudios y mi proyecto profesional. Muchas gracias, Kathleen.»

"Onwards and upwards Kathleen Misson. You have integrity and are ready and very able to use hypnotherapy as a force for good for your clients. Proud of you." (Mentor).

"Kathleen helped me to overcome a specific difficulty that I was experiencing in coming to terms with the stages of life, and with death. I am now able to consider the difficulties of the one, and the finality of the other, without undue concern or anxiety. I have gained peace of mind and that is invaluable to me. She is a sympathetic and comforting therapist and I cannot recommend her highly enough."

"This profession is made for Kathleen.  Her voice is so soothing. I felt completely at ease and felt that I could trust her"

"I wholeheartedly recommend Kathleen, she is a caring and skilled hypnotherapist who has a heart of gold and is there to help." - Shirley (Innervisions tutor).

Kathleen has such a caring and genuine manner, essential when seeking a therapist to help with life challenges. She is a natural for this work. Thank you Kathleen.

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