Alcohol over use

"Enjoy a positive new life path free from past habits. There is much to look forward to"

Answer this for me: when are you going to stop?

Well done for taking the first step...

Perhaps the first thing to know is that there are choices available to you. There are many variables that will determine the best plan for moving forward for each individual. Indeed, we may decide together that it would be safer for you to first seek medical advice before you reduce your consumption. You are unique and your needs are unique so please call or email for a free introductory session so that you can ask anything and everything you would like to know about hypnosis and how it can help you.

In today's world, this is an issue that many people are facing. Alcohol is entrenched in our culture and many aspects of life. We drink it to celebrate, we drink it to commiserate, to have a break from unwanted emotions and life circumstances... for so many reasons. The solution is a life transformation process that generally requires a six-week programme. I can't wave a magic wand for you to just stop. It takes commitment on your part to explore various aspects of your life and move forward in a new and more positive direction. There will be good days and challenging ones. Some days you are a HERO for just getting out of bed in the morning to face a new day. Other days are pleasant and full of surprises and good life experiences. The key is to learn new ways to 'ride the waves', finding new resources that help you to experience life in a positive and satisfying way.

Hypnotherapy is a good option because it is individually personalised to your unique circumstances, it safe and anonymous and the success rates are excellent. The sessions are held in a private and safe space for you to explore your life, open up and release those things that are holding you back from living the full and meaningful life as you would like to live it in your own unique and special way. Learning powerful new tools and resources to help you face life's challenges, and life's celebrations!

Your hypnotherapist is dedicated to you and your needs and encourages you all the way to make the changes that would be most positive to you at this time.

I look forward to hearing your story.

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