Prices for health, happiness and freedom

"Here I transparently offer prices for all hypnotherapy services. The real value of these services is that they are life transforming. You are buying X additional years of precious life if you are a smoker; you are buying more smiles and laughter to enjoy life to the fullest if you have a fear of heights; you are buying health, happiness and freedom if you change a habit permanently.

When you book a hypnotherapy session, just be clear in your mind that you would like life transformation, even though you may not know what exactly it is or how it will happen, just come with the 'intention'. If you can meet me there, then these prices offer real value for you money. And I am truly dedicated to offering people the most value possible."

Free introductory session (20 minutes)

What's your story? Tell me how hypnosis can help you. Book a free consultation to discuss a personalised service tailored to resolve your unique situation. You can ask as many questions as you like. Book >>>

In this session we get to know each other, explore what it is that you would like to achieve with hypnosis and work out how many sessions you might need. I will explain everything about hypnosis and you can ask any questions you can think of.

Just some of the areas in which hypnotherapy can change your life... 

✪ Habits ✪ Addictions ✪ Stress ✪ Anxiety ✪ Insomnia ✪ Anger ✪ Panic attacks ✪ Grief ✪ Fears/phobias ✪ Trauma/PTSD ✪ Relationships ✪ Smoking cessation ✪ Weight control with HypnoSlimmer ✪ Pain management ✪ Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Intolerances ✪ Hypno-birthing, obstetrics, fertility (men and women) ✪ Sports Performance ✪ Life Coaching / Accountability Partnership ✪ Bed wetting, nail biting, hair pulling, stuttering, and much more...

Special two-session package for new clients €99*

Let's get down to work on the changes you want to make so that you can live the life you love. Two sessions can seem like a lifetime in hypnotherapy terms and you are sure to achieve the transformation you are looking for.

*Offer not valid for smoking cessation, IBS programmes or HypnoSlimmer (see these pages for prices and info).

Clinical hypnotherapy transformation sessions

Price: €65 for the first session then €50 per session thereafter.*


Or €99 for a two-session package (€16 saving).
Or €139 for a three-session package (€26 saving).

How many sessions will you need?


It's a good question. Your story is unique and requires a unique solution. Although three sessions might be an average, some people do what they need to do in one, and yet others find that once the original thing they came for has been resolved they want more sessions to address other things. Some people just enjoy hypnosis so much they want to come back to experience new things! We will have a good idea where you want to go after the free introductory session.

Even if your issue seems huge and overwhelming and even if it has been going on for years, you will be surprised at how effective one session of hypnotherapy is! It can be life transforming. And that's the way I like to work! It's not about getting you to come week after week and going over all your problems. It's about 'how' we get you to where you want to be. You have the answer inside you and I help you to unlock it with modern clinical hypnotherapy and neuro-linguistic programming techniques that really work. 

*Not for smoking cessation, HypnoSlimmer or IBS. Please see these prices on the relevant pages.

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