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Does hypnosis make you drowsy?

After hypnosis, you will feel refreshed and revitalised, looking forward to the rest of your day.

It was a great question from a client who was planning a getaway weekend with her partner and hadn't been sleeping well all week.

The reality is that after a hypnotherapy session, you will feel as though you have had a good eight hours' sleep in 20 minutes or so.

Hypnosis is a 'state of mind' in which you are totally aware of everything going on around you, you are actually 20% more aware while you are in hypnosis, although your body is deeply relaxed. Every muscle, fibre and cell gets some well-deserved deep relaxation as you go into a pleasant daydream-like state of rest. Since your auditory senses are actually more heightened, you may hear noises way down the street that you didn't notice before. Your hypnotherapist helps you to phase out any loud noises around you so that you can just let go and enjoy the experience.

You are free to 'wake up' at any time you wish to and you are always in control. Although most people love the sensation so much they are happy to just go with it. Who wouldn't! It can be likened to a 'massage for the mind', after which you will feel refreshed and revitalised and looking forward to the rest of the day with more energy!

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Good rest and good health!

Kathleen Misson.

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