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Hypnosis paired with Mindful Eating creates choice, not chains

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

Hypnosis paired with mindful eating creates choice, not chains

Are you struggling with food in menopause?

Have you tried hypnosis or mindful eating? Have you tried hypnosis AND mindful eating? Both can be practised with a weight neutral aproach!

They can be utilized together, or separately.

Both help reset your relationship with food.

Who would benefit from hypnosis or mindful eating?

Any woman in menopause who wants to change thought patterns around food! In menopause, we feel the pull to enjoy life, and food while looking to enhance our health and longevity with lifestyle and nutrition.

Hypnosis creates a deep state of relaxation (relaxation enhances digestion by the way.) Hypnosis is based on suggestions. Kathleen Misson can create suggestions that are unique to you as a person. These suggestions can live in the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is hidden, and automatic. Hypnosis can help with your subconscious suggestions around food, while mindful eating can help with CONSCIOUS decisions around food.

Think about mindful eating this way. It brings awareness CONSCIOUSLY to the reasons you are eating. It helps you decide whether or not you are truly hungry or are eating for other reasons. There are many kinds of hunger beyond the physical.

Let’s look at Birthday cake.

You go to a party, you have already decided you will NOT under ANY circumstances eat dessert. You are mustering up your willpower as much as possible. (Hint, willpower doesn’t work).

Practicing Mindful Eating can help you decide to eat the cake, or not. Utilizing the tool of hypnosis can work on your subconscious cravings.

You can consciously decide to eat a small amount and experience pure satisfaction, or eat a little more as a conscious decision. Your brain may subconsciously decide that the appetizers were delicious enough, than you and for now, you will seek out meaningful conversation.

You’re not following a food rule that tells you all of (fill in blank here) is “bad”.

You are paying attention to the food, the act of eating, and your body’s signal of fullness when eating mindfully.

And in the case of birthday cake, you may decide that you will consciously eat a small piece. You will take a moment from conversation to taste, smell, slow and chew your cake, and really enJOY the taste.

We should have JOY in our food.

If you have been in a restriction mentality for years, and tell yourself that you can’t have certain things, because of what they will “do” to you, you may be just increasing your desire to eat even more. By letting go of your personal food rules, bit by bit, you may find that the cravings can decrease.

Kathleen can help you with the underlying messages you aren’t even aware of with hypnosis. Yes, our brain has conversations with us, and we don’t even consciously know it.

Try the principles of Mindful Eating, and savour a little more of life, and chocolate:) Looking for a Conscious Eating and Living Community for the Menopausal Woman? Where we talk about ALL of the body, including gut health, mouth health, and more? Come on in!

Looking for a taste of what hypnosis can feel like? Contact Kathleen Misson!

Be well, and please, be HAPPY😊

*This is in no way meant to replace of mental health advice, licensed medical care or diagnosis. I am not a mental health practitioner, I am a coach, sharing my own experience and formal knowledge. If you feel you have an eating disorder, please, find a mental health expert, to talk to and help you through.


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