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Hi All,
Just wanted to share my latest offering in the world of hypnosis (this is not an advert!).
On Friday (3 days ago) I started to advertise Mindful Hypnosis sessions- a blend of both mindfulness skills and group hypnosis aimed at well-being. I’m running two groups and the evening session is already fully booked and only 3 places remain for the daytime session.

My motivation is to reach those that would benefit from tailored ego boosting (confidence, self-esteem, self worth, perspective) but could not otherwise afford individual therapy. Interestingly most of those that have booked are past clients.
We have so many skills- does anyone else offer group hypnosis?

During my hypnotherapy training both the morning and afternoon sessions began with group hypnosis- I always felt refreshed, grounded and fabulous after these sessions (we, as the students would take it in turns to lead the sessions).

Hope you don’t mind me sharing- it is a potentially untapped market (though that is not my motivation). Kate x


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