30-Minute EFT Tapping session €30

Why 30 minutes? Because EFT is fast! It can change a life-long pattern (or a more recent pattern) in just one session.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a mind-body therapy that is based on the idea that negative emotions are caused by disruptions in the body's energy system. EFT uses a combination of tapping on specific points on the body and holding positive affirmations to clear these disruptions and release negative emotions.

It is effective for changing and breaking habits such as cravings of any kind, for reducing anxiety and depression, physical pain, stress and more.

It is easy to learn and use, safe and effective; a simple technique that can be learned by people of all ages.

In this 30-minute session, your EFT therapist will help you to get really specific on your issue and tap it away until it is gone. You will be amazed! You'll also learn how to use EFT for yourself and your loved ones and you'll receive a laminated card with the basics to remind you.

Once you get it, you'll be tapping away all your troubles and stepping into more of your best life.

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