Stop smoking forever with hypnosis

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When thinking about quitting smoking maybe the following thoughts have crossed your mind:

  • How will I get over the cravings?
  • How will I cope?
  • Will I still like going out to socialise?
  • Will I be able to be friends with people who smoke?
  • Will I put on weight?
  • Will I be bad tempered?
  • What will I do to entertain myself?
  • What will I do to relax and de-stress?
  • What if I fail?

Thinking any or all of the above is common in people wanting to stop smoking, but if you have your own motivation to succeed then hypnotherapy will aid you and mean that you no longer worry unnecessarily about failure or doubt your abilities to stay stopped.

Quitting smoking means you will:

  • Feel in control
  • Have better health
  • Have more money – a 15 day smoker spends about €1,300 a year on cigarettes
  • Live longer – 8 to 12 years longer in fact
  • No longer smell of stale tobacco smoke
  • No longer feel guilty as the burden of smoking is lifted from you

When smokers contact me, they are at the point in their smoking life where they realise they are getting very little back from their habit. Smoking is robbing them of their money and more importantly their health. While they very rarely have any immediate illnesses directly related to their smoking, they know how much better they’d feel if they respected their body rather than polluting it. Plus of course it’s the fear of what might lay in store if they continue to smoke.

There are many ways to quit, from nicotine patches and gum, Alan Carr, to the more recently popular e-cigarettes. People come to see me when they’ve tried most other methods but they realise substituting cigarettes for something else isn’t a long-term solution, dealing with the habit behind it is.

Hypnotherapy helps overcome a smoker’s psychological habit. Habits get learned; we’re not born knowing how to do most things. Smoking is just another habit you learned (like driving a car, tying your shoelaces) but it doesn’t mean you can’t unlearn it. So if you really want to stop smoking, then one session of hypnotherapy with me could be all you need to help you succeed. It is easier than relying on willpower alone (although you do still need your own motivation to succeed) but I’ll help give you an immediate boost and kick in the right direction. At the end of it you should be feeling like a non-smoker, not an ex-smoker, and feeling confident this is for life.

I can also help those who vape with e-cigarettes, so if you are finding it hard to stop vaping then get in touch. 

The session for Stop Smoking or Stop Vaping costs €350, which you will very soon recover from the costs of no longer having the habit.

Case studies

'Marla' smoked 40 per day for 40 years. Her words: “It is a wonder and I am doing very well.” She is very happy with her new-found freedom and continues to refer other smokers to me after several months.

Marla's main motivation was her grandchildren. She wanted to set a good example for them. And also the cost, she was spending €300 per month on cigarettes, she could take the family for a holiday with the money she would save.

How great would it be to quit easily, just like Marla?

Stopping smoking is the best decision for your health, your freedom and your life.

Hypnotherapy for stopping smoking is the most-effective method over other methods such as nicotine patches, gums, pharmaceuticals and vaping. There are many scientific studies. The proven clinical hypnotherapy methods used will help you to achieve success easily and permanently.

The key to it is that you need to be 100% ready to stop now. If you can meet me there, hypnotherapy can help you with the cravings and the doubts and most of all, the habit.

Marla was 100% ready to stop. She had thought a lot about this, she was tired of the health scares and the money she was wasting and made the decision when she picked up my card at the clinic. The hypnotherapy was successful and she stopped after two sessions, one preparation session, homework for one week and the final day.

'Dale': “I tried everything… this was the only treatment that helped me quit smoking.”

Dale needed some time and patience. He was in a very stressful life situation and was greatly affected by the death of his father, financial difficulties and stress in general from a complicated family situation. His motivation to stop was that he wanted to enjoy playing tennis and hiking in the mountains without huffing and puffing, and also the money he was wasting. In this case, we worked together for three sessions over three weeks; two sessions to address his grief, reduce his stress and give him some coping skills to face the challenges in his life. These sessions were empowering for him and changed his life on many levels. On the third session he was ready to quit smoking and did just that.

“I could not be happier. I just celebrated my one-year anniversary of not smoking… I saved over €1,000 in the last year as a result of quitting smoking – that’s pretty powerful stuff. Never mind my improved health, as I am now working out and losing some weight. Quitting smoking has been the best thing to happen to me, and I have you to thank. I went in as a bit of a non-believer, but came away as a non-smoker (not an “ex-smoker”). Thank you, thank you, thank you.” 

'Prue': “I am still a non smoker, I would never go back. My life and bank account are so much better. Thank you Kathleen.”

Prue was concerned about putting on weight and not enjoying social situations. As a young mum with four kids, the health scares terrified her, but she loves to enjoy a drink on a terrace with her friends, most of whom smoke, and she didn't want to feel left out. Prue was ready to quit. 100% decided that she'd had enough and wanted her life back. We did the two sessions, which included suggestions in hypnosis as well as finding better ways for her to ensure that she would not turn to eating to replace the cigarette habit. We worked with the 'parts' of her that want to enjoy socialising and being with her smoking friends without being bothered at all about it. She found she had several other ways she could cope in these situations and it was actually very easy, she felt empowered.

“Kathleen is lovely, I went to stop smoking and a week in still have not had a cigarette, I have thought about it but my inner self said NO. Thank you Kathleen. Highly recommend.”

Brett: "Played my best padel tennis night for a year!"

Brett is mostly retired and enjoying his life. He loves sports and leisure activities and romance! He was fed up with the health effects and was aware that the €2700 per year he would save from not smoking meant that he could work less and enjoy life more. He came to me 100% committed to making this change in his life and hypnosis helped with all the rest.

“I have always sceptical about hypnotherapy, but not any more. A little less than a week back I saw Kathleen to help over come my smoking habit. I don't know how you did it Kathleen, but not touched one cigarette since and hardly think about them, frankly, I'm amazed and delighted. I cannot recommend you enough. Thank you.”

You are always aware and in control in hypnosis

Most people don't realise that hypnosis is a natural human state that we are in and out of all day long. Think of driving a car and stopping at the traffic lights, or staring out the window or at a view and thinking nothing in particular. It is a relaxing and enjoyable experience and you are always aware. In fact, all of your senses are 20% more heightened in hypnosis. You are always in control and it is always your choice to come into or go out of hypnosis.

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